Daniel DelReal with Transformational Impact Fellowship at Hawthorne

On October 12, 2016, during the schools’ Fall Break, Daniel Del Real brought a wooden toy-building class to 24 students in 4th-6th grades. The children learned about Latin artist, Joaquin Torres Garcia:


Pieces by Torres
Pieces by Joaquin Torres Garcia

“I will briefly introduce the children to the artist Joaquin Torres Garcia. They will learn about Minimalist Constructivism. I am writing a small passage on him and his work that they can take then they will get to construct a minimal figure using the wood blocks. I will use visual aids to help explain minimalism by showing a toy hot wheels car with full detail, then showing them a wooden car made of basic shapes and asking the children how they know that both objects are cars? They will identify the most essential parts of what makes a car a car, and remove all unnecessary detail. I may do this again using a house or a figure to get the kids thinking about minimalism and the concept of “less is more”. I have a box that the children will peruse containing different sizes and shapes of blocks and they will create their own figures.”

The blocks were dumped onto the work tables, hammering stations were set up and Daniel and three helpers assisted the children to glue and hammer the dowels into their figures. Then markers were used to create faces, hair, etc. Each child’s unique creation had incredible personality – just like the children themsleves, of course! One made her figure dance, one made a Betty Boop skirt out of a triangular block one boy even made a Pokemon Go character.  It was a delightful experience for everyone and we all learned a lot!


Visual Arts Transform! – Artes Plasticos Transformoran!

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