Catch Meztli Cultural at Near West Flow Fest on 8/12/17!

NWS - HB1129 - stand alone for A3 - Ballet Folklorico - 016-M

Meztli Cultural is a cultural entity that promotes diversity and cross-cultural interactions through art, music, and dance projects that celebrate Mexican heritage. After 24 years of experience in California as folk artists with Aztlán Academy of San José and music ensemble, Conjunto Xitlali, Amber and Esteban Martínez founded Meztli Cultural upon relocating to central Indiana. Through this platform, the Martínez family has presented dynamic music and dance performances, hosted lectures and workshops, created art installations, and participated on various planning committees to consult and produce family events. In 2012, the Martínez duo were invited to take over the artistic directorship of the Anderson Ballet Folklorico troupe. Having shared their art and music with communities throughout Indiana, Meztli Cultural has also entertained audiences in Chicago and Ohio since 2009.  

Representing several cultural regions of Mexico, Meztli Cultural specializes in interpreting a musical genre known as “son”. This genre varies from region to region, but always features an infectious fusion of traditional indigenous music, 16th and 17th century Spanish Baroque music, as well as African rhythm and percussions. Favoring huapangos and sones jarochos, Meztli executes soulful renditions of songs that include themes about relationships, nature, legends, social change, and more. Whether presenting for small private events or community festivals, Meztli Cultural is able to tailor presentations to delight crowds of all sizes. Seeking to engage audiences with music that has seen increased global popularity generation after generation, the ensemble incorporates educational components, bilingual poetry, and opportunities for audience participation. Meztli Cultural invites you to join them on a unique journey that is sure to enchant you with music rich in harmony and rhythm.  

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