Updates from Spring Classes!



It’s hard to believe we’re over halfway through our Spring Class series! The kids have had a great time exploring journalism and filmmaking with the guidance of our incredible instructors, Manuel and Grisel from TV4Indy. Students have been exploring various research topics through the Haughville Library, getting hands on experience with cameras, practicing their interview skills, and using iMovie to sythesize their journey into a final video commemerating the course.  We even had a visit from the Indiana Medical History Museum- a major cultural instution in the Near West! The kids learned all about the history of the museum and Central State Hospital while looking at objects from their collection and interviewing the Executive Director, Sarah Halter. We are incredibly proud of our students and the wide array of interests and skills they’ve shown throughout these first weeks!

As we prepare to wrap up the course, we will be be turning our focus to finishing the final video and really taking the time to review all the footage we’ve collected over the course. Be sure to join us April 14th for a screening of the kids’ video! (And stay tuned for news about summer classes!)

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